Every company is sitting on mountains of data. But how is it possible to filter out precisely the information that they need most? With InfoZoom, a software developed by the Fraunhofer Institute, users are now no longer left fishing in the dark.
The film explains the complex software with a clear and simple metaphor. Indeed the story of a fisherman with characters created out of data textures gets straight to the heart of the core benefit and uniqueness of the InfoZoom software. And does so in such a way that not just IT people can easily grasp it.
Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2012 

Agency & Production: Bär Tiger Wolf
author: Theo Eißler
direction & animation: Marc Böttler
Additional Animation: Jens Pschierer, Simon Böttler
music & sound design: Thomas Eifert
project leading: Ulrike Schaal

humanIT Software GmbH

© 2012 Bär Tiger Wolf 

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